What I’m wishing for and doing in 2011

I’m still in a little bit of disbelief that 2010 is nearly over.  For me, personally it has been a year filled with great memories and a sense of accomplishment.  Everyday I’m excited and thankful to be part of a great ecosystem of innovators and can close out 2010 knowing that momentum is continuing to speed-up and that our engines are firing on nearly all 8 cylinders.   It’s hard to reflect backwards, without thinking about what’s to come, and to that end I thought I’d share a few simple wishes for 2011. 

That we don’t lose the momentum.  I’m always a little bit worried that we might start to get complacent and start to flip on the cruise control.  Someone recently compared where had come from behind to be the lead horse in a race.  While I think about it more like the Monoco Grand Prix — we’re at the front of the line, but we need to keep anticipating the hairpin turns, tunnels and elevation changes.  What am I going to-do? I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years and not take a break.  You’ll see me at just as many outings, and in as many conversations in 2011 as in 2010. 

We recognize and celebrate what we’re great at. Scott Kirsner posted a challenge to us all about celebrating what we’re good at, and to stop comparing ourselves to the “other” regions.  I can’t agree more and really believe that we need to celebrate more (not just the victories, but also the failures).  What am I going to-do? You won’t hear me making any comparisons in 2011 (if you do hear me, you have my permission to dump a Sam Adams on my head).  I’m also going to think harder about ways to celebrate and recognize all of the goodness happening. 

We continue to innovate on how we build community. The innovators dilemma!  Following along with point 1 & 2, let’s make sure that we continue to innovate and anticipate the curves in the grand prix.  It’s all to easy to rinse, wash and repeat the things we’ve been doing as it’s worked great.  I think that as an ecosystem, we need to continue to think outside of the box about how we build community.  Let’s think hard about events (GreenHorn Connect has been doing this), let’s be serious about how we engage college students and bring them into the community, let’s try new things, and most importantly — there are no sacred cows.   We should never be doing something simply because we’ve done it in the past.  What am I going to-do? Commit to evaluating everything I’m doing in the ecosystem, and reinvesting a large chunk of time and energy into thinking outside of the box about what else I can be doing.  I’m going to question duplicative events and ask this question “What problem is _________ Solving”.

All in all, I’m heading into 2011 with a ton of energy, optimism and excitement.  2010 has been a great year, but I think that 2011 is primed to be even better!

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