Some Thoughts After A Few Days in NYC

I type this as I’m heading home on the Acela, after spending a few days at dogpatchlabs in NYC.  I’d spent alot of time in New York when I was with Microsoft, but never with the start-up lens on.  After 24 hours, I’m pretty excited about the community there.  It feels like everyone is working together, towards this common goal of making shit happen — and that’s a goal I can get behind.

I was most excited about the pre-SXSW meetup that folks at Hashable put together.  An event with a single goal — Help every company that is launching a product at SXSW nail it.  About 20 companies did a 2 minute pitch so we all knew what they were launching, gave deets on how best to help them, and took feedback from the audience (about 120 people in attendance, all whom are attending SXSW).  I really loved the rallying of the troops and most importantly — the support that folks were getting.  I was pretty impressed with a bunch of the companies that were presenting, and with the overall large number of people schlepping down to Austin from NYC for a week.

Here’s the website and details about the NYC mafia that’s going to be at SXSW:

I’m really looking forward to spending more time in NYC and am more determined to findways to try and link Boston and NYC together — it’s crazy not to think about all of the synergies that we could/should be taking advantage of (and perhaps, saving Vivek Wadhwa from telling us all how much we suck, again)

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One Response to Some Thoughts After A Few Days in NYC

  1. Gus

    Love the spirit and right there with you on linking Boston and NYC.

    Let me know how i can help make this happen


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