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Choose your own adventure. A career at ESPN

When I was a kid my favorite books were the Choose Your Own Adventure Books, where you’d read along and come to a decision point — do I take the mountain path or the jungle path.  Since my first job … Continue reading

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Talking to the right investors — don’t push the rock up hill!

One of the questions that I get often from entrepreneurs (especially those raising seed rounds) is to make introductions for them to investors, which I’m always happy to-do.  Making GOOD introductions is a key part of my strategy to helping … Continue reading

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Are you a River or Point person?

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself in a bunch of conversations with people about their careers.  Some are thinking about their next immediate move and what they need to learn to get there.  Others were thinking out 10 … Continue reading

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What I Learned From a Crappy Manager.

We’ve all seen the thousands of posts where people talk about what they’ve learned from awesome managers.  Truth is, it’s the same for me — I’ve been (and currently am!) fortunate to have managers who I’ve learned boat-loads from, have … Continue reading

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Focus on product, not fundraising

Not a week goes by where I meet with an entrepreneur that has an all to familiar problem — “I can’t raise seed money”.  Even in this environment where it seems like everyone is pulling in $10’s of millions of … Continue reading

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390 days of WinPhone7, and now onto the iPhone4s. A comparison:

A little over a year ago when I was still working at MSFT, I couldn’t wait to get my hands onto the new Windows Phone.  A year later, and alot of abuse from friends & colleagues I’ve moved onto the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts After A Few Days in NYC

I type this as I’m heading home on the Acela, after spending a few days at dogpatchlabs in NYC.  I’d spent alot of time in New York when I was with Microsoft, but never with the start-up lens on.  After … Continue reading

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3 Things that Make Great Dogpatch residents

On my flight this AM to Austin (sans wi-fi) I had a moment to reflect on the past few weeks that I’ve been at Polaris. It’s been a really awesome month, and I’ve met a bunch of GREAT companies, entrepreneurs and … Continue reading

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DART Boston Family Dinner — Call to Action!

Last night I had my first official appearance as an EIR at Dogpatch Labs, attending DART Boston’s family dinner at the Bee Hive in the South End (sponsored by David Chang VP Products,   I had the honor of being a … Continue reading

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A New Path Ahead — Becoming an EIR at Polaris Venture Partners

December of 2008 I stepped foot for the first time into the Boston Innovation Community (and also into NERD!).   For those of you who don’t remember, Fall of 2008 was when the world stopped turning, and the innovation ecosystem in … Continue reading

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